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Zap Fluoride Gel

SKU: 214-UFGABG-group

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Item Number Product Description Price Qty
214-UFGABG Zap Fluoride Gel 16oz Bubblegum
214-UFGACC Zap Fluoride Gel 16oz Cotton Candy
214-UFGADFM Zap Fluoride Gel 16oz Dye-Free Mint
214-UFGAG Zap Fluoride Gel 16oz Grape
214-UFGAMAR Zap Fluoride Gel 16oz Marshmallow
214-UFGAOV Zap Fluoride Gel 16oz Orange Vanilla
214-UFGAS Zap Fluoride Gel 16oz Strawberry
214-UFGAW Zap Fluoride Gel 16oz Watermelon

Quick Overview

Zap Fluoride Gel


Zap Fluoride Gel is a gluten FREE APF thixotropic gel with 1.23% fluoride ion. Flows easily and remains inside the tray for easier placement, assuring closer adherence to enamel and inter proximal surfaces with minimal risk of ingestion. Aspartame-free and free from the following allergens: nuts, soy, milk, eggs and gluten. Contains Xylitol.


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Manufacturer Crosstex


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