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Trim II

SKU: 113-0921090-group

Availability: In stock

Item Number Product Description Price Qty
113-0921092 Trim II Powder 1.5oz #59 (B1)
113-0921093 Trim II Powder 1.5oz #61 (B2)
113-0921094 Trim II Powder 1.5oz #62 (A2)
113-0921095 Trim II Powder 1.5oz #65 (D3)
113-0921096 Trim II Powder 1.5oz #69 (C4)
113-0921097 Trim II Powder 1.5oz #77 (B4)
113-0921100-62 Trim II 1 lb. (454g) Bulk Powder Shade #62
113-0921090 Trim II Complete Kit 6+1
113-0921091 Trim II Liquid 4oz

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Trim II


Trim II is fast-setting, non-irritating PEMA formulated for extended use. The powder and liquid in each kit are identical in formula and the powders can be mixed to obtain specialty shades. The resin is dimensionally stable, will not distort when withdrawn from undercuts while setting. Trim II is available in 6 VITA SHADES for greater diversity in achieving the perfect shade match for patients.


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