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Red Cote Disclosing Tablets

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681-800C Red Cote Disclosing Tablets 250/Pk

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Red Cote Disclosing Tablets


GUM Red-Cote Disclosing Tablets have been developed to highlight dental plaque on the tooth surfaces and to demonstrate the areas where more thorough brushing and flossing are needed. Dental professionals recommend GUM Red-Cote Disclosing Tablets for helping children learn how to brush more effectively, and for adults who just want to make sure no areas of dental plaque buildup are missed in their toothbrushing and between-teeth cleaning routines. As a result of GUM Red-Cote Disclosing Tablets, you will be able to achieve a more thorough and good oral health required for removal of dental plaque before it has a chance to progress into calculus. GUM Red-Cote Disclosing Tablets prevent plaque build-up, development of tooth decay, gum disease, and promotes oral health.


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