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ProAngles Prophy Angles

SKU: 100-247-144-group

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Item Number Product Description Price Qty
100-247-144 ProAngle Disposable Prophy Angle Latex-Free Soft 144/Bx
100-248-144 ProAngle Disposable Prophy Angle Latex-Free Firm 144/Bx
100-247-500 ProAngle Disposable Prophy Angle Latex-Free Soft 500/Bx
100-248-500 ProAngle Disposable Prophy Angle Latex-Free Firm 500/Bx

Quick Overview

ProAngles Prophy Angles


ProAngles employ a patented new design and reinforced beveled gears to ensure only one angle is required for each prophy procedure. Features include a smaller angle head and shell, quieter and smoother operation, guaranteed no cup dropping and matching colors for corresponding prophy cups and angle shells. ProAngles beveled gears are engineered precisely so that their pitch surfaces are mounted securely and firmly when engaged, effectively eliminating vibrations and thus resulting in much less noise, chatter, and heat and ensuring smooth operations throughout each procedure. Most prophy angles on the market feature straight gear designs in which the driven gear is pushed farther away from the driving gear during actual operations. This creates pitch spaces between the gears’ teeth, causing excessive fluctuation, vibration, noise, and heat.


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