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Op-D-Op Visor Shields

SKU: 808-308-DK-BL-group

Availability: In stock

Item Number Product Description Price Qty
808-308-DK-BL Op-D-Op Visor Shield Kit Blue Ea
808-308-DK-GY Op-D-Op Visor Shield Kit Dove Gray Ea
808-308-DK-MJ Op-D-Op Visor Shield Kit Misty Jade
808-308-DK-PE Op-D-Op Visor Shield Kit Peach Ea
808-308-DK-PK Op-D-Op Visor Shield Kit Pink Ea
808-308-DK-TL Op-D-Op Visor Shield Kit Teal Ea
808-308-DK-VT Op-D-Op Visor Shield Kit Violet Ea
808-308-DK-WT Op-D-Op Visor Shield Kit White Ea
808-355-DKBL Op-D-Op II Visor Shield Kit Blue
808-355-DKG Op-D-Op II Visor Shield Kit Mint Green
808-355-DKPK Op-D-Op Ii Visor Shield Kit Pink
808-355-DKVT Op-D-Op II Visor Shield Violet Ea
808-308-SS3 Op-D-Op Replacement Shield Long 3/Pk
808-308-SS12 Op-D-Op Replacement Shield Long 12/Pk
808-308-MS6 Op-D-Op Replacement Shield Mini 6/Pk
808-308-FB6 Op-D-Op Visor Foam Bumper 5/Pk

Quick Overview

Op-D-Op Visor Shields


Op-D-Op Visor Shields fit over any glasses and face masks. Their shielded air vents eliminates fogging. The shields are reusable and replaceable and the visors come in a variety of colors.


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