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Kolorz Fluoride Gel

SKU: 317-777301-group

Availability: In stock

Item Number Product Description Price Qty
317-777301 Kolorz Sixty Second Fluoride Gel - Triple Mint (16oz bottle)
317-777302 Kolorz Sixty Second Fluoride Gel - Cherry Cheesecake (16oz bottle)
317-777303 Kolorz Sixty Second Fluoride Gel - Cotton Candy (16oz bottle)
317-777304 Kolorz Sixty Second Fluoride Gel - Blue Raspberry (16oz bottle)
317-777305 Kolorz Sixty Second Fluoride Gel - Piña Colada (16oz bottle)

Quick Overview

Kolorz Fluoride Gel


Available in economical 16 oz bottles, Kolorz Sixty Second Fluoride Gel has a thixotropic formula that will not run under bite pressure. Five great-tasting Kolorz flavors are Aspartame and Saccharin free, Triple Mint, Cherry Cheesecake, Cotton Candy, Blue Raspberry, Pina Colada!


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