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GC, as a dental manufacturer, considers excellence in its core business to be the most important
mission. We will grow into a more trusted company by interacting with
society through our core business.


Throughout the world, people want to enhance their quality of life and remain healthy, young and beautiful. Assisting in making these wishes a reality is the greatest contribution that dentistry can make in the future. The GC R&D Center helps us to achieve this goal by developing dental products for the aging society. As an innovative dental company, we are committed to continuing our constant research and development activities to achieve breakthroughs in dentistry. Our fundamental aim is to develop products that not only exceed worldwide quality standards, but also ensure that the global environment and consequently the world population will be better protected. Since GC was established in 1921, we have dedicated ourselves to dentistry and have taken on far-reaching responsibilities. Following on from this proud tradition, our goal is to ensure that the 21st century will be the century of health.

G-aenial Universal Flo

High-Viscosity Light-Cured Universal Composite

2 mL/3.4 g per syringe


Single-Component Temporary C&B Material

Intro Package, B2 (1 x Putty Stick, 1 x Lightproof storage case, 1 x GC sPATULA N 2)


Normal Setting A-Silicone Impression Material

Two Packs (2 x 48 mL catridges, 6 x mixing tips)

G-Premio BOND

Universal, 8th Generation Bonding Agent

Refill (1 x 5 mL bottle)

GC Fuji PLUS Capsule Refill

GC Fuji PLUS Capsule Refill

(0.36g powder; 0.16mL liquid per capsule)

GC FujiCEM 2

Resin Modi ed Glass Ionomer Luting Cement

Refill (2 x catridges, 1 mixing pad)

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