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461-31101 Durashield 5% Fluoride Varnish Unidose 32/Bx
461-31102 Durashield 5% Fluoride Varnish Unidose 200/Bx

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DuraShield fluoride varnish has several advantages over traditional fluoride treatments with speed, ease of use and range of application. With DuraShield there is no need for a prophy before application. It sets on contact with saliva and releases fluoride for 6-8 hours. There is very little ingestion of fluoride, unlike traditional tray applications. DuraShield fluoride varnish can be safely applied to small children, disabled patients and patients with active gag reflex with minimal effort. Its light amber color lets you know the tooth surface is completely covered without compromise of esthetics and will be removed during regular tooth brushing the following morning.


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