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Clearfil Majesty Flowable

SKU: 693-2610KA-group

Availability: In stock

Item Number Product Description Price Qty
693-2610KA Clearfil Majesty Flow A1 Syringe 3.2g
693-2611KA Clearfil Majesty Flow A2 Syringe 3.2g
693-2612KA Clearfil Majesty Flow A3 Syringe 3.2g
693-2613KA Clearfil Majesty Flow A3.5 Syringe 3.2g
693-2615KA Clearfil Majesty Flow B1 Syringe 3.2g
693-2616KA Clearfil Majesty Flow B2 Syringe 3.2g
693-2619KA Clearfil Majesty Flow D3 Syringe 3.2g
693-2620KA Clearfil Majesty Flow E2 Syringe 3.2g
693-2621KA Clearfil Majesty Flow Cv Syringe 3.2g
693-2632KA Clearfil Majesty Flow OA3 Syringe 3.2g
693-2635KA Clearfil Majesty Flow BL2 Syringe 3.2g

Quick Overview

Clearfil Majesty Flowable


Clearfil Majesty Flowable is a superfilled, light-cure, radiopaque restorative composite resin with the filler particles treated with a proprietary new surface coating technology. The resulting resin matrix is reinforced with an extremely high filler loading of 81wt%, a loading similar to many universal composite resins. In addition to the high filler loading, Clearfil Majesty Flowable has a low viscosity for good handling and easy placement. Clearfil Majesty Flowable exhibits high mechanical properties (strength, wear resistance, durability), high radiopacity and very low polymerization shrinkage. These features make it a very versatile product with multiple uses including as a universal composite resin.


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