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Bite Registration Trays

SKU: 985-Bite-Trays-group

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Item Number Product Description Price Qty
985-Bite-Tray4 Bite Registration Trays (Posterior) (Blue) (50/Box)
985-Bite-Tray3 Bite Registration Trays (Quadrant) (Yellow) (35/Box)
985-Bite-Tray6 Bite Registration Trays (Sideless) (White) (35/Box)
985-Bite-Tray1 Bite Registration Trays (Full Arch) (Pink) (30/Box)
985-Bite-Tray5 Bite Registration Trays (Short Classic Posterior) (Green) (35/Box)
985-Bite-Tray2 Bite Registration Trays (Anterior) (Purple) (35/Box)

Quick Overview

To use a bite tray, mix impression material that contains a base and a catalyst. The two will form a chemical reaction to harden into a mold. Place the impression material in the bite tray before it hardens. Insert bite tray into the patient’s mouth and allow to harden for a few minutes. Once the material is set, remove the tray. The impression can be sent to the lab to make bridges or crowns or to analyze bite registration. Bite registration refers to the relationship between your upper and lower teeth. It allows the dentist to see how your teeth fit together when you bite down.


When you are getting a crown or bridge at the dentist, it is common to have an impression taken. During this process, the dental hygienist applies impression material onto a bite tray and the tray is inserted into your mouth. The material sets, leaving a perfect mold of your teeth and your bite. Our bite trays have a rigid plastic frame with an easy-to-hold thumb tab. It also has an occlusal mesh to hold the impression material. This mesh is durable while still being somewhat flexible. Bite trays are important for getting an accurate mold of patients’ teeth and bites.


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