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Alike Acrylic Temporary C&B Resin

SKU: 677-340501-group

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Item Number Product Description Price Qty
677-340501 Alike Acrylic Temporary C&B Resin Intro Kit
677-340511 Alike Acrylic Powder 59 45Gm
677-340512 Alike Acrylic Powder 62 45Gm
677-340513 Alike Acrylic Powder 65 45Gm
677-340514 Alike Acrylic Powder 67 45Gm
677-340515 Alike Acrylic Powder 77 45Gm
677-340516 Alike Acrylic Powder 81 45Gm
677-340591 Alike Acrylic Liquid 4oz Bottle

Quick Overview

Alike Acrylic Temporary C&B Resin


ALIKE is a quick-setting, self-cured temporary crown and bridge resin. ALIKE cures within 5 to 6 minutes and can be trimmed and polished easily without clogging burs. Whatever the size of the restoration, ALIKE is easy to place and maintains a tight seal on the abutment teeth until you are ready for the final restoration.


  • Available in 6 shades
  • Minimal shrinkage
  • High strength
  • 5-6 minute snap set
  • Low water absorption


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